“Last year I had the pleasure to sit next to Rauli on a flight from Lisboa to Munich.
He is a very friendly and warm person. As a professional aviator (military and commercial) I am able to tell how enthusiastic he is about aviation and other technical themes. His skills to convert this enthusiasm into art is incredible!
He sent me a couple of personalized prints which all look very nice in my apartment.
I truly hope that our paths will cross again.
Thanks a lot for everything, Rauli !!”
Christoph Just, Captain. Citation Excels (CE-560 XL/S)

“Rauli Mard, one of the most talented ‘industrial’ artists I have had the pleasure of working with. Filled with passion, diverse in his ability & adaptability. A beautiful personality with an uncanny eye for detail. A hidden Finland treasure, soon to be discovered by the global art world.”

danie cortese international promoter, www.daniecorteseent.com

Toiminnallinen liikkuvuus=avain kehon kokonaisvaltaiseen toimintaan. Rauli haastaa itsensä niin henkisesti kuin fyysisrstikin toiminnallisen liikkuvuuden parissa. Raulin lihaskuntoja vartalonhallinta on erittäin hyvällä tasolla. Lihaskuntoharjoittelun ansiosta ja Raulin työn vastapainoksi on ollut hyväksi tehdä pitkiä lihaskuntoharjotteita oman kehon painolla. Harjoittelun vaikutukset näkyvätkin Raulin arkielämässä parempana lihastasapainona sekä kehon kokonaisuuden huippuvireenä.

Get a life- challenge yourself !

Sami Tomann, Personal Trainer

If the engines could ask for a portrait, definately they will ask for one made by Rauli Mård. So , if you are an engines enthusiast- even you are driving a motorcycle, a musclecar or even the Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One, your love for them will be completed by a handmade portrait made by Rauli’s hands.

Rauli Mård is not hidden. He was discovered long time ago by those who are really put passion in what they do. Just kept in secret. Known by stars, unknown by masses. The question is for you- as a future potential buyer of Rauli’s work : on which side of the barricade are you ?

Costin Frunza, Co-Founder